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G-NET Project

The demand for digital technology professionals has grown by 4% annually in the last ten years. Yet digital skills are lacking in Europe at all levels. Despite continued strong employment growth, the number of unfilled vacancies for ICT professionals is expected to almost double to 756000 by 2020. Furthermore, almost half the EU population lacks basic digital skills; with around 20% of people having none at all. Education and training should equip everyone with a broad range of skills which opens doors to personal fulfilment and development, social inclusion, active citizenshipand employment.

The G-NET project aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of adult learners using social media and ICT to create new e-enterprises, providing them with increased opportunities for being incorporated in the labor market in an effective way.

Training Package

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Safe use of Social Media accounts
Safe use of Social Media accounts
4 July 2018
Social media is everywhere nowadays. According to studies, 2.6 billion people are using social media in the year 2018. And the number seems to be increasing. By the year 2020 more than 3 bil...
Employability and E-Enterprise though the glance of our GNET project
Employability and E-Enterprise though the glance of our GNET project
11 March 2018
In our recent transnational meeting in Romania we discussed about the development of the next training package, that will be implemented in the upcoming international workshops in Greece. (m...