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Comune di Anzola dell’Emilia

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Full name of the organization: Comune di Anzola dell’Emilia
Country: Italy


The City of Anzola Emilia is an Italian town of 12,227 inhabitants in the province of Bologna. Since January 2012 is part of the Union of Municipalities of Terre d’Acqua with the municipalities of Calderara di Reno, Giovanni in Persiceto, Sant’Agata Bolognese, Crevalcore and Sala Bolognese. The City of Anzola dell’Emilia is local government holds its own functions; exercise the functions assigned or delegated by the State and the Region; contributes to the achievement of the objectives contained in the plans and programs of the State and the region and provides, according to their skills, their specification and implementation.

The town hall has competences in basic education and in adult education. three schools of each are in the city.