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Organisation name: EUFRAK-Euroconsults Berlin GmbH
Country: Germany

Aims and activities of the organization

EUFRAK-EuroConsults Berlin GmbH (EUFRAK) is one of the leading companies for consulting and trainings in the field of national and European funding and Project Management in Germany. EUFRAK puts great emphasis on new learning and teaching methods which are implemented in the trainings it offers.

EUFRAK works on three main fields:

1. Education

EUFRAK (European Fundraising Academy) is a company providing education in the fields of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education. Different methods and approaches are used the several courses EUFRAK provides. These vary from the classical face to face trainings, to elearning, and to a combination of both, blended learning.

A particularity of EUFRAK courses is that most of them have an extensive elearning contents implemented through an professional elearning-Campus (eCAMPUS). To support the blended learning approach and an optimal learning, the eCAMPUS is under constant supervision of 3 tutors who are available for any technical and content enquiry

2. Consultancy

EUFRAK offers consulting services on the whole project life cycle: elaboration, proposal submission, management (project and financial management) and evaluation. The range of its customers is very various going from universities, non governmental organisations (NGOs), assocations, cultural centers, public institutions, research centers etc.

3. Projects

EUFRAK is involved in 2 Erasmus+ project, KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Higher Education (as Lead Applicant) and adult education (as partner). 2 other Erasmus+ project in the field of youth have been completed in 2017.