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Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Do companies use social media?

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In 2017, one in two companies used them. Yes, social media is no longer just a space to share memories, photos and memes. But also, an important tool for companies, you want as an advertising vehicle, or to place your brand. And so, Eurostat certifies, in 2017 47% of European companies used at least one social media.  As said, one in two. And the figure is growing, if you think that in 2013 alone, a social page was only 36%, or one in three companies. Of course, not all platforms are suitable for all types of businesses. In fact, the most used are social networks, is those that allow you to build a network. The reference is to reality like Facebook or LinkedIn. 45% of European companies used it last year.

The use of platforms for sharing multimedia files, be it YouTube, SlideShare or Flickr, is much more limited. And the same goes for blogging or microblogging sites, like Twitter and In the first case, the use involved in 2017 16% of companies, in the second 14%.     This is the general picture. After that, there are differences from country to country. Having said that the analysis of Eurostat concerns companies with at least 10 employees with the exception of those operating in finance, the record is up to Malta. 74% of the island’s companies last year used at least one social media, followed by 66% of those in Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands.

At least for the 28 EU countries. However, if we stick to geographical boundaries, the first place is for Iceland, where 79% of companies have a social account. At the bottom of the ranking Poland (27%), Latvia (30%) and Bulgaria (34%). It’s Italy? 44% of Italian companies are present on social networks.

Tools like Facebook, but certainly also LinkedIn, were used last year by 42% of companies. A bit like in Europe, almost all companies on social networks have an account on a platform that allows you to connect with people. They are customers, it is the case of Facebook, or potential collaborators, as it happens on LinkedIn. Only one Italian company in six used platforms to share videos, photos or presentations. While just one in eight chirps. However, if the use of YouTube and similar realities is growing, it went from 10% in 2013 to 16% last year, Twitter and the like cannot break through. In the last three years the share of companies using blogging sites has remained fixed at 8%. Of course, Eurostat data does not explain why companies prefer one type of platform to others.

Certainly, the numbers of users are affected: more than 30 million Italians on Facebook, only 7 on Twitter. If the goal is to use social media as an advertising vehicle, it seems natural to choose the one that offers the largest audience. Which is also the best strategy, this is a question to turn to social media managers.