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Flexible solutions for your business needs – Get inspired by GNET project

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According to the “Customer-centered barometer in Romanian companies 2017”, a study by Valoria in collaboration with, 89% of companies say that the main obstacle to better customer focus is the lack of the necessary data management technologies, if 75% consider knowing the needs of consumers as the essential value that supports customer focus on the company. Moreover, only 27% of companies have the retention of consumers.

Get conNEcTed to the Job Market, is an Erasmus+ project with the reference number: 2017-1-ES01-KA204-038304.

The project aim is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of adult learners using social media and ICT to create new e-enterprises ensuring increased opportunities for participation on a modern, flexible and inclusive labor market.

The project partnership involves 5 institutions of 4 different European countries.

The project partners have identified 3 main needs of the target groups that play an important role in the above described context:

  • Adult teachers and trainers need to acquire the skills to train their adult students on the aware use of Social Media to find job opportunities and develop their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Adult students need to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and to improve their ICT competences to create their own e-enterprises
  • To promote inclusion of adults paying particular attention to adult vulnerable groups, such as adult people, promoting equality between women and men, combating discrimination, promoting tolerance and a high-level of quality and sustainable employment.

GNET project can inspire you:

How to create the digital identity of an E-enterprise (using social media and ICT)

How should be the website; Different tools to create a website

How to monitor an e-enterprise

Google Analytics; Google Alerts; SEO management as a tool; Web application for statistics

E-Customer analysis

Profile of potential customers; Tools to analyse e-customers; E-customers relation

Creation of content for e-enterprise Hootsuite

How to create attractive content; Timetable; Google AdWords