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Organisation name: Fundatia EuroEd
Country: Romania

Aims and activities of the organization:

Fundatia EuroEd is a non-profit organisation set up in 1992 and located in Iasi, Romania.  It delivers educational services to all age categories and developed a series of programmes, including language courses and international training courses for language teachers and professional trainings in field of tourism, IT, mentoring, communication, etc.

EuroEd departments:

The International Language Centre (foreign language course and Romanian as a foreign language, international language certifications ) (since 1992)

The EuroEd Kindergarten and Primary School (since 1995 and 1997 respectively) (received 4 times the title of European School)

The Regional Centre for Education and Communication (life long learning – adult education: local, regional, national and international professional training) (since 1998)

The Regional Centre for European Integration (co-ordinated and implemented over 100 national and international educational projects) (since 2000) (in the field of: learning languages for specific purposes, online resources, educational materials, games and drama techniques, networks, employability, development of competences for job profiles, social inclusion, motivation and support, promoting quality in developing European projects, sports, social responsibility and volunteering, etc.)

EuroEd is a founder member of QUEST (The Romanian Association for Quality Language Services). EuroEd received 9 international awards in the last 5 years for the quality of its projects: 8 European Label Awards and a Worldaware distinction. Two of the projects led by EuroEd were selected by the EU Commission as examples of best practices in its collection called LINGO.

Mission Statement – EuroEd aims at supporting the reform processes of civic society by promoting high-quality standards in accordance with European Community requirements in the field of education, civil society, public policies, youth, law, culture, mass media, and regional development. Through its initiatives, EuroEd intend to act as a regional catalyst for debating and developing regional and international projects which should facilitate exchange of ideas and experience in the field of democracy and European Integration.



Contact person: Andreea Ionel, Project Manager,