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How to start a YouTube marketing strategy

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If you ever came up with the idea of making content for YouTube you must first take into account certain aspects.

First of all, you need to be clear about what kind of videos you’re going to make. When you focus on creating a specific content you get an audience focused on that kind of videos, it would have neither social impact nor commercial opportunities to make other content that was not related to your channel, since when you make content you want that people relate your image to it.

For example, if I focus my channel on fashion and daily or weekly I publish videos related to this topic, I will get an audience interested in this type of content and not another.

When you already know what you’re going to do, it’s time to start working.

You must keep in mind that people are looking for entertainment, it is important to maintain certain dynamism so that your audience retention is high, it is useless to get many views in a video if very few people subscribe to continue seeing the rest of your posts.

I recommend programs like Camtasia Studio or Sony Vegas to get you started in the world of video editing, they are easy to use and will help you to make your videos more entertaining.

Now let’s talk about your image, both your profile picture and the banner of your channel must have a minimum quality so that your audience and the companies with whom you will collaborate can take you seriously.

Also the thumbnails of your videos must be attractive, not only the title is important.

And speaking about the title, let’s talk about when and how you should publish your videos.

At first you can try uploading videos at different times to analyse what time you get more initial views, but when you have a minimum audience is advisable to look at the analytics of your channel to see in which countries more people see you and adapt times to their schedules.

But how can you get those initial views? Well, the first thing is to analyse within your content which videos can be most interesting and to make them.

But not only is this important, you should also think about attractive titles and to make use of both description and tags. In the description and tags try to put keywords related to the video so that more people can reach your video.

And finally, link your channel to a contact email so that companies can propose collaborations, and social networks such as Twitter or Instagram. It is important for you to meet people who make content similar to yours to create collaborative videos and, in this way, both expand your audience.

Also, using other social networks is a way to get closer to your followers and to have more opportunities to collaborate with companies.

  • – Juan Carlos Picot Juan (Jan 2019) –