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How to create and use an Instagram profile for your company

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Instagram is a social network of photography focused on a young people. With 500 million users, Instagram is the social network used by brands that want to reach new customers. If you use Instagram professionally and correctly, you can take your brand to another level.

First we have to activate the company profile, this will allow us to access information about the audience, the impact of each publication and pay to have more visibility.

As in all social networks, we need a monthly planning of publications. This will help us to organize our business plan and comply our objectives.

Once we have the profile, I will give you some steps to follow.

  • Use a username and an image that identifies your brand or business, use it on all your social networks.
  • In the description, use the 160 characters to show what you do, always using keywords and add the URL of your website.
  • Search the hashtags with which you want to be related and use them in your strategy. Do not use hashtags on your profile, is useless.
  • If you want to create a community, before you will have to participate in it, in this way you will become visible. Comment on others’ posts, respond to all the comments they make on your photos.
  • Follow other brands to know what the competition does and do not copy, improve it.

If you complete these steps, it’s time to start!