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Number of the project: 2017-ES01-KA204-038304

Programme: Erasmus +

Action: Strategic Partnership for Adult Education

The G-NET project aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of adult learners using social media and ICT to create new e-enterprises, providing them with increased opportunities for being incorporated in the labor market in an effective way.

  • To train adult teachers and trainers in the effective use of ICT and Social Media to find job opportunities and to develop entrepreneurial spirit in adult learners.
  • To enhance adult learners’ upskilling, promoting the acquisition of their key and transversal competences, adapted to the digital era and the job market requirements.
  • To promote inclusion of adults paying particular attention to adult vulnerable groups with low skills and qualifications, promoting equality between women and men, combating discrimination, promoting tolerance and a high-level of quality and sustainable employment and combating long-term unemployment.
  • Creation of an “E-entrepreneurship” Training Package, containing a collection of video lessons, real case scenario learning objectives and video testimonial of successful adult learners and entrepreneurs.
  • Testing of the training package by adult teachers and trainers in order to make them acquire the skills to exploit the full potential of ICT and social media for creating new e-enterprises and for promoting job searching.
  • National training experiences “How to become an e-entrepreneur”, addressed to adult learners and organized in each partner country.
  • International 5 days training experience in Greece, “Adopt an enterprise experience” exploiting social media and ICT.
  • International Conference about “International e-entrepreneurship” in Italy for promoting project results and activities.
The project involves 5 institutions of 5 different European countries, all of them with experience in the developing innovative projects for adult learners:
  1. Xano Channel Asociación para el Desarrollo Comunitario – SPAIN
  2. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) – GREECE
  3. EUFRAK-Euroconsults Berlin – GERMANY
  4. Fundatia EuroEd – ROMANIA
  5. Comune di Anzola dell’Emilia – ITALIA
  • Training Package created on the needs of the target groups.
  • Project website
  • Learning community
  • Teacher and students’ trainings
  • Insertion of the project results into the European adult systems
  • Entrepreneurship classroom
  • Final conference
People involved in the project.
  • 100 adult Teachers
  • 30 Enterprises
  • 400 adult learners
  • Other stakeholders