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Use of social networks for companies

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Social networks are a great way to gain visibility, build a solid brand and increase sales, but things need to be done the right way. This is why I have extrapolated the 4 foundations of social media marketing for companies.

Every social network has its rules, its times and its users with varied expectations and preferences. So it is important to grasp these differences between platforms, they can determine success or failure. You must learn to use social networks for businesses and professionals based on what they can do for a specific audience. And for a specific activity. The advantages of these web marketing strategies are clear, but first you need to understand how to make the most of the best social media for companies. Do you already have any ideas? Increase direct sales? Do personal branding or customer care? It depends on your plan, but at the base there is a clear need: understand what social networks are for the company. Never open a channel just to follow the trail.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Have you identified the usefulness for your company? Perfect, now you can start. But first you need to focus on the objectives, what you want to achieve thanks to the work of social networks for companies and professionals. The steps?

Identify the values of work on social media

A good SWOT analysis can be the basis for your social media marketing strategy for companies. Here you can identify the pillars to forge content to share, manage the tone of voice, leave comments and define an online community. Work on the target you want to reach online You must grasp the characteristics of your users. If, for example, you want to communicate with a professional male audience and around 35, Pinterest is not the place for you. Try using LinkedIn. Any good idea to create an appropriate target? Use the schema to manage and generate reader personas. Goals of social media marketing company.

Do you want to use the Facebook page to improve website visits? Do you prefer just increasing the number of fans? Do you want to communicate with a small group of supporters thanks to Twitter? Wait, have you decided to take advantage of the videos?

Content marketing on social media allows this to be done. And the goals are only to be decided and included in the editorial plan. But these are things you need to understand before starting to work with social networks for companies and professionals.  Choose the best content for corporate social networks  After defining the target and objectives, you must identify the content marketing activity to manage the publications. What to publish on company channels and take advantage of social networks to increase your business? Some examples:

  • Images
  • Charts
  • Link
  • Video
  • Direct
  • This can be a first list of what you can post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. But at the base there is a great truth: if you want to use social networks well for work and promote your business, you must always plan every day. And create a good editorial calendar for social media managers.  What are the best social for businesses?

An interesting reflection that comes from the publishing plan. But then all this must be translated into practice. So you have to choose the best social media to sell, create a community and interact with your audience. So, what do you choose?

LinkedIn The social network for companies and professionals. This reality connects people who share activities, interests, commitments. Perfect for B2B marketing and recruitment, playground to find and be found.

Facebook A useful reality always and in any case. The whole world is on this social network, so managing a corporate Facebook page must be a must. Maybe setting up a good advertising campaign, with the right investment.

Twitter A social network that gives you the ability to intercept the audience and create a conversation. The problem? Not only how to increase followers on Twitter, but also and above all who will manage the conversations: without management is useless, but you can find great benefits thanks to Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

Instagram The social network that companies can exploit to intercept the great world of influencer marketing. But carefully, without losing your identity. To this list, however, you can add Pinterest that in some areas offers great ideas. And then there is the great video platform par excellence. I’m talking about YouTube, between social networks and content marketing. This reality must also be evaluated for your visual storytelling work.

Social network management for corporate

Businesses and social networks, it is not a simple binomial. Because social media marketing is not disposable, but contains an active conversation with customers.  There is nothing more wrong: to enter the discussion and not to participate. Or worse, say something at the beginning and then stop. Or maybe respond with an inappropriate tone of voice.

How do companies use social networks? If you plan your strategy and always offer interesting content you can become the voice that everyone wants to hear. Do you want to get this? Certainly not entrusting the channels to the first arrived.

Corporate social network: internal management or agency?

Doing social media marketing is hard work: it can lead to excellent returns for your business but also to sound losses. Do you want to create a community on your social network? Do you prefer to improve sales? In any case, there are two solutions:  Internal management. External activity. In the first case, points on training and give employees the passwords to manage the channels. You can hire people dedicated only to the corporate social media marketing sector if the situation requires it. Alternatively from the permits to other realities.  Agency. Freelance. If your situation is small, the management of social networks for companies can be delegated to a freelancer, who flexibly defines strategy and operations.  For big ideas you can, instead, contact agencies specialized in managing social networks for companies, professionals and business projects.

Tools for doing social media marketing

Managing social networks for a business can seem like a breeze, but it’s not like that. That’s why I want to leave you with a series of indispensable tools:  Hootsuite: management of the various social profiles. Tweetdeck: similar but only for Twitter. Mention: identifies mentions of its brand. Google Trends: perfect for discovering interests. Feedly: management of useful sources. Canva: to create images and graphics. Talkwalker: social media listening platform. Obviously there are dozens of social media marketing tools to add to this already useful list. For example here you can find great ideas and solutions:  Tool to upload photos to Instagram from a PC Create videos with music and images How to create a Facebook Fan Page