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Full name of the organization: Xano Channel Asociación para el Desarrollo Comunitario
Country: Spain


XANO CHANNEL is a nonprofit association of teachers, inspectors of education and professionals, created in 2010 and based in Valencia (Spain) that aims to promote active citizenship, personal and professional growth, employment, non-formal education and the use of ICT among organizations and people.

The activities and objectives of the organization are inspired by the principles of equal opportunities for disadvantaged people and between men and women.
The association also focuses on the inclusion of diversity, encouraging participation of people with different cultural and educational background in order to promote mutual understanding, interculturality and a peaceful coexistence.

Xano Channel stands for working in a collaborative way, creating synergy and exchanging expertise and methodologies with local and international organizations, in order to maximize the impact of the activities carried out.


  • To promote and encourage lifelong learning for teachers, trainers, adult learners and young people;
  • Enhancing a quality education for adults and youth with learning difficulties, using ICT and non-formal education;
  • Tackling adults and youth unemployment by offering work orientation and traineeships services for young people, matching personal talents and aspirations with local labor market’s needs.
  • Creating, sharing and exploiting innovative methodologies and tools for fostering employment;
  • Enhancing personal and professional growth of teachers, adults and young people by providing educational and training services, both locally and abroad (transnational mobility) as well as designing and delivering programs and courses.
  • Promoting culture, sport, leisure and arts, by organizing and participating in cultural events and recreational activities.


  • Xano Channel has participated and participates in Erasmus+ projects (KA1 and KA2) as a promoter and partner. The projects mainly deal with:
    fostering adult employability, self-employment and entrepreneurship through ICT and social media
  • promoting professional growth opportunities for VET teachers through transnational mobilities
  • promoting worked based learning for VET students through innovative educational strategies and robotics
  • fostering gender equality through entrepreneurship education, etc.

The association also offer training opportunities to adult learners, teachers and trainers, young people on several topics, like ICT (robots, videogames, social media, etc.), gender equality, peace education, tourism, foreign languages, etc.